The General’s Daughter

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New sex game from Studio FOW – “The General’s Daughter”. The story so far: the raucous crowd was gathered in the market square. Anticipation filled the air, as it usually did whenever a sentencing took place. Noxians loved a good show, after all. They were already baying like animals, hurling countless insults in the general direction of the podium. The man reads out the words on the parchment nonchalantly: “Katarina DuCouteau, for disobeying a direct military order and ignoring the chain of high command, resulting in the escape of a high priority target, you’re hereby sentenced to public humiliation as per ancient Noxian tradition. The punishment is to last 24 hours, and you’re to serve it immediately!” Katarina was athletic, with a fierce red mane and looking positively furious. Unbroken, defiant and beautiful. But she disobeyed a direct order. To leave her unpunished would bring shame upon her family. The chain of command must always be followed – there are no exceptions… not even for General’s daughter. Now let the punishment begin!

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    this is fucked up even for me

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    Can we have this on our website?

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    im so horny

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