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Tutorial: units cost mana to summon; your current mana is represented by the blue circles on your GUI, and the mana cost of a unit is the blue number at the top of the token. Click on your unit token, then select a starting zone to summon it to. When you are done, hit “Begin Combat”. Your minions will move and attack of their own accord. Keep this in mind as you plan your strategy. All units have a movement and attack range. Units will automatically move and attack according to these values at the end of your turn. Aside from summoning new units, during your turn you can have units switch to an unbocked lane. Click the unit, then click the new lane. All units have an attack (red) and health (green) value. Attack power will determine how much damage they do to enemy units with each strike. If a unit’s health value reaches 0, it’s dismissed from the field and its owner gains back its mana cost. Pay attention to a unit’s class and special skills as these often have significant impact on attack and health. Eva builds energy over the course of battle. When her pink meter is full, she can enchant the field. While her spell is active, any enemy unit defeated in battle will be captured and converted to your cause. To activate her current ability, click on the pulsing heart at the bottom of the bar.

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